New Report: Risky Retirement

81% of the increase in the state’s pension debt is due to the state’s failure to make sufficient pension payments on a regular basis. Learn more here >>

Winners & Losers

The state is creating winners and losers among PERA members. Learn how here >>

Employee Turnover

The majority of teachers do not receive meaningful retirement benefits. Learn why here >>

Crowd Out

High employer contribution rates mean less money for teachers and schools. Learn why here >>


Colorado Pension Project

The Colorado Pension Project is a group of Coloradans working to protect and strengthen retirement security for our public servants. Learn More >>

Key Terms

Understand the terms used to describe Colorado’s public retirement system. Learn More >>

Annual Required Contribution (ARC) The ARC is the employer’s required contribution to a defined benefit plan.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)  An additional benefit amount paid to retirees based on the increase in living costs.

Smooth Accrual In this type of plan, employees accrue future pension benefits at a steady rate throughout their careers.