Three studies of PERA were funded by the Colorado Legislature in 2014. They will focus on three separate issues related to Colorado’s public pension system:

These are important studies that we hope will evaluate and underscore our shared beliefs.

  • Total compensation of state employees, including retirement benefits provided by PERA.
  • The cost and effectiveness of the plans currently administered by the state compared to alternative plan designs used in both the public and private sector.
  • Ways to monitor the financial sustainability of PERA at key intervals.
  • Fiscal Sustainability >>

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More-To-Give Maria

Maria just keeps getting better in the classroom. Even though she is eligible to retire, she has more to give. But under PERA’s current structure, she loses retirement benefits every day she shows up to work. That’s because she is no longer is accruing retirement benefits and she can’t start receiving benefits until she stops working. A smooth accrual structure would allow her to keep working without this penalty.

PERA Profile
Years teaching in Colorado classrooms: 38

Maria’s lifetime benefit if she leaves now: $661,487

Maria’s lifetime benefit if she teaches 10 more years: $341,035

Maria earns $320,452 less if she teaches 10 more years