9 tips on how to sell your property in Canada quickly and expensively

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So, you decided to sell your house or apartment. It is unlikely that you would like to invest additional money or time in your property before selling, because the house apartment performed its functions perfectly well as long as your family lived there. However, there are several mandatory things that every home owner must do in order to sell it quickly and at the highest possible price.

Contact a real estate expert the Realtor will evaluate your home, advise on how to improve it in order to sell at the best price, and tell you what strategy to use for a quick and profitable sale. 2. Hire a professional cleaning company This may seem like a minor waste, but professional cleaning will refresh your home from the inside, which potential buyers like very much.  3. Make the necessary minor repairs This is an inexpensive way to put the house in order and convince potential buyers that the house is in good condition.

At this stage, you need to repair all damage to the walls and ceilings, install new taps and lamps and make redecoration in the kitchen and bathrooms to give the house a modern look. In this case, the first impression is the most important.  4. Get rid of the mess If your home is clean and spacious, it will attract a lot more buyers. Tidy up the mess hide all the frames with photos, collections and other things that can distract customers when looking at the house or when viewing his photo in the ad. 5. Take a look at your house through the eyes of the buyer. Due to the fact that you are accustomed to the house, you may not notice some of its drawbacks or details that fall out of the general style. Try to look at your house with a fresh, critical eye, as if you were a buyer yourself. 6. Make repairs outside When you do repairs before selling, do not forget to put in order the front and back yards, the roof and lining. This is a really important investment that will attract more customers. 7. Invite a professional photographer In today’s real estate market, photography is a very important tool for selling a home. After all, in the first place, people are watching the ad online and poor-quality photos can deprive you of a huge number of potential buyers.

A complete set of beautiful and high-quality photos of your home will emphasize its dignity and ensure its success in sales. 8. If necessary, carry out major repairs If your kitchen or bathroom is in poor condition or does not look up to date, there are problems with electricity, plumbing or mold started the sale of the house has stalled. Correct these shortcomings, and then the house will buy not only faster, but also more expensive, which will cover the cost of repairs and bring you income. 9. Competently evaluate the property. When you exhibit your property for sale, you immediately want to inflate the price. However, in the Canadian real estate market (especially in Vancouver and Toronto), if you charge a premium, no one will pay attention to your publication and you will sell your property longer than planned. For a competent assessment, we return to the first point: contact an expert in real estate