Why can Canada become the leader of the global economy in 2017

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At the beginning of 2017, the world economy is far from being in the most stable state, given that the new president came to power in the United States, the UK is about to leave the EuropeanUnion, and in countrieswith prospects for developmentpolitical instability reigns. And yet, in the midst of all this turmoil, Canada managed to remain (relatively) politically stable, the country’s economy is not experiencing difficulties and is ready to continue doing business, which is why many people think that the coming year has prepared promising hopes for the edge of ice and Timbits. We asked the four brightest minds of the Canadian business world about their predictions about the role of Canada in the global economic arena, and how not to miss the available unique opportunities.

  “In all today’s difficulties, I see a lot of opportunities, in particular for Canadian companies. I think that our trade agreement with Europe will open up many export opportunities when it comes into force. Already, there are unprecedented opportunities for companies that are looking for partners in Europe, as well as for those who are looking for ways to enter new markets through European supplier networks. Before that, they probably did not take into account such opportunities, but now, in view of the more favorable position, you can take advantage. I look forward to finding out how companies will use them. ”—Jason Myers, Director, Jayson Myers Public Affairs, Former General Manager, Canadian Manufacturers Exporters

“I like the fact that after all that happened last year, Canada has remained very open to trade. In that part of the world where trends are moving in a different direction (considering the protectionist sentiments that the new US president is promoting), there are, in my opinion, some pretty interesting continues with other countries, Canada should still maintain its prestigious status as a country in which there are favorable conditions for doing business, both small and large. In such matters, we might prefer access to the European market, the US market, or even Asian markets. It does not appear that the United States may be in a similar position. Based on this, Canadian exporters may have considerable competitive advantages. ”—Dan Kelly, President and CEO, Canadian Federation of Independent Business

“In this country, there are many companies and talents that are necessary for their growth are not always located in Canada. We need to act confidently when it comes to finding the best talent around the world. The rest of the countries seem to be plunging into chaos, and we are one of those few who do not indulge in xenophobia. I think this is a phenomenal advantage for our nation. ”—John Ruffalo, CEO of OMERS Ventures“ I hope that progress will be made in 2017 and we will see how Canadians take all the negative (friction, decay and anxiety that touched everyone and let it inspire action that will show how good we can be. If we want to be a country that is known as the most accepting, prosperous and progressive in the world, we need to work hard